Blog Tour – Friendship Never Ends by Ella Dyson

Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Friendship Never Ends by Ella Dyson! Thank you to Tracy Fenton and the publisher for inviting me to read and review this warm hearted book that is full of fun and nostalgia.

About the book:

A big-hearted comedy about friendship, the 90s and the greatest girl band in the world

Three independent women – and one man who lives for drama – haven’t spoken to their best friend in 20 years, after an epic talent show disaster tore them apart during the height of Spice-mania.

Self-appointed gang leader Carmen then decided to go it alone – Geri style. But now, in 2018, the school reunion is fast approaching. Friendship Never Ends tells the story of Carmen’s plan to win back her former besties – Jemma, Ellie, Laura and Benny – ahead of the big night. But has Carmen really changed? And can their friendship ever really go back to how it was?

My Review:

A light hearted and fun read that is split between two timelines: the present day and the Spice Girl era of the 90s. It tells the story of Carmen and her group of friends, who decide to enter the school talent show, a decision that they very soon live to regret.

Flash forward to 2018 and their school reunion is fast approaching. Carmen hasn’t seen her friends since the events of 20 years ago, so hatches a plan to bring the group of friends back together again. But will they be able to put the events of the past behind them? And has Carmen really changed, or is she still the same girl she was all those years ago?

Friendship Never Ends is a book about friendship and the pressures we put ourselves under. It’s a laugh out loud funny read, with some moments that will make you cringe, but that will also take you on a nostalgic trip down memory lane. For anyone who struggled to fit in during their own schooldays, it is also incredibly moving at times, and it’s these very  human moments that help make this book so relatable and easy to read.

A fun story that I enjoyed immensely, this book took me back to my own schooldays and I could empathise with so much of what Carmen and her friends went through. I would recommend Friendship Never Ends to anyone who’s looking for a light, warm and easy read that will bring a smile to your face.

This is the first book I’ve read by Ella Dyson but will definitely not be my last. Friendship Never Ends is available to buy now:

Amazon UK


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