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I’m thrilled to welcome author Natalie Queiroz to my blog today as part of the blog tour for her stunning and inspirational memoir Still Standing, which is available to buy now. Thank you to Anne Cater and John Blake Books for giving me the opportunity to share Natalie’s post with you today.

About the book:

Natalie Queiroz was eight months pregnant when she was stabbed by her partner in the most vicious attack imaginable. 

In the space of nine minutes, and in broad daylight, Natalie was stabbed twenty-four times with a carving knife. She suffered horrific wounds to her lungs, liver, stomach and uterus, whilst the knife missed her baby by a margin of two millimeters, before the arteries in her wrists were methodically severed by the hooded attacker she finally realised was her partner and the father of her unborn child. 

After heroic intervention by passers-by and police, the attack was brought to an end, but her ordeal was not over. An air ambulance rescue was launched, and against all medical odds, Natalie and her baby survived – but not without life-changing physical and emotional damage. 

Still Standing is the story of one life-shattering event – what came before that fateful day, what happened on it, and how one woman and her baby survived to rebuild and heal together after it. At once a shocking story of evil, manipulation and violence, and a truly moving reminder that a life can be pieced back together, no matter how bad the damage, this book will empower and inspire anyone who has ever faced true adversity to rise up and stand tall.

About the author:


Natalie Queiroz is the survivor of one of the most appallingly brutal attacks imaginable. After being stabbed two dozen times by her partner when she was eight months pregnant, she has rebuilt her life and inspired people the length and breadth of the country with her courage and refusal to be bowed by her trauma. Alongside a successful full-time career, she has since become a motivational speaker and, through various feats of endurance and daring, raised thousands of pounds for the Midlands Air Ambulance charity she owes her life to.

Twitter : @natqleigh

Guest Post:

10 Things About Me by Natalie Queiroz

1. I’m half-Portuguese – Aha! – yes that explains the surname. I’m not, as far as I know, related to Carlos Queiroz the ex Manchester United assistant manager; nor is my Dad – who is called Manuel – from Barcelona or ever worked for Basil Fawlty.

2. I am the baby of 3 girls. My sisters reckon I got away with far more than them, which I have always categorically denied, but is probably true! My mum brought us up by herself from me being 11 years old and she rocked it – most incredible supportive mum – my inspiration!

3. My favourite music artist in the world is P!nk. She is the epitome of cool – rebellious, tough yet loving and caring about her children and outspoken when needed!

4. Aside my favourite music artist I have really eclectic music taste and can be found listening to anything from Kenny Rogers (you can’t beat ‘The Gambler’!) to Bob Marley to 80s Power Ballads (can’t beat electric guitar solos) to mainstream dance artists and old skool RnB favourites! All depending on how the mood takes me. I wrote a majority of my book to classical music!

5. Growing up I was a real Tom-Boy.. many hours were spent helping my Dad work on his rally cars and go-karting was my favourite sport. My big sisters got really cross with me when I drew on their dollies and my Tonka Truck was my favourite toy! *Caveat – my middle sister was actually most mad at me for stealing her Dukes of Hazard poster pullout from her magazine, kissing it and then stuffing it in the cherry tree in our back garden just as it started raining.. it was ruined.

6. Driving has always been a passion of mine.. unfortunately my speedy ways got me into trouble when I was 25 and I ended up in court for fairly serious speeding in South Wales. I luckily had a character witness from a Catholic Nun who testified I was a good person – which really helped me out! 🙂

7. I was a girlie swot at school but science was my key strength.. In fact at school I was categorically told during my GCSEs that English was my weak subject and I would be lucky to pass (I attained an A and a B for English literature and English language) – hence I spent my life believing I couldn’t possibly write! It took being nearly murdered and in my 40s to actually discover it was something I could do and enjoy! It is quite incredible the enormous impact a teacher’s words can have on a child.

8. After being a straight A grade A-level student, and being forced by school to choose between Law and Medicine – I went on to study Law.. then hated it and left after the first term. I returned the following September to read Biology (I was adamant I didn’t want to be a Dr) and after flying my exams for 2 years, I was taken seriously ill.. and advised to take a year out before final year. I never returned as I got a decent job and decided to stay working! So after all those years of studying hard, I never actually got my day wearing a mortar board and sporting the cloak! I have never admitted that publicly before and managed to work through the pharmaceutical industry with people knowing the basic fact that I went to Uni and read Biology.. I just failed to mention I never got the degree at the end of it!!

9. After working in the pharmaceutical industry for 19 years I have changed my life completely and now work for a charity, do motivational talks, talks supporting anti-knife crime campaigns and am obviously launching my book! Completely scary leaving the comfort and security of big pharma but absolutely the right thing to do!

10. As cheesy as this sounds, and you can all groan, but my world starts with my 3 small (or not so small in the case of my eldest who is pretty much my height) people. I am fiercely protective of all 3 of them – as I am of all people I love and care about – my family and wonderful new partner included. My kids are funny, loving and hard work but I’m seriously proud of them all.. they are amazing – hence my book is dedicated to the 3 of them.


Thank you so much to Natalie for sharing her thoughts with us. It’s been a real privilege to host her on my blog today.

Still Standing by Natalie Queiroz is available to buy now: Amazon UK

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