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I’m delighted to welcome author Audla English to my blog today as part of the blog tour for her new novel The Last Village. Thank you to Anne Cater for giving me the opportunity to share this fascinating guest post from Audla with you today.

But first a little bit about the book:




The majestic Souter Lighthouse stands proudly at the edge of the cliff top surrounded by open grassy empty fields and overlooking a vast blue wilderness. Anna Charles knows nothing of the life that her grandmother once had here. It wasn’t until an unexpected engagement, that Anna discovered the past of her Gran and the truth behind an enduring love.

Seventy years earlier, Lillian Smith, had been part of the close-knit community that once thrived in the village that existed next to the lighthouse. A chance meeting with a sailor one day, would change the course of her life forever.

A moving novel set in the North East of England. The Last Village is an enduring love story which spans the 1940’s and modern day, binding the generations.

About the author:


Audla English grew up in the North East of England.

Born in Sunderland, a graduate of Newcastle University and living in South Tyneside, she is passionate about this wonderful region which acts as an inspiration to her writing.

Her award-winning debut novel ‘The Last Village’ is a dual time-line historical fiction and is written as a dedication to the now sadly demolished Old Marsden Village which was built by the Whitburn Coal Company in the 1870’s. The Marsden Rock coastal setting is also used to weave a family saga style narrative around a beautiful part of north east England.

The novel is a moving love story about the life of Lily, a young woman growing up with her friends in 1945 whereas the other side of the story, in 2017, is about Anna and her own discovery of her grandmother’s past life- it is a novel which spans and binds the generations through family and friendship.


Twitter: @AudlaE

Website: http://www.audlaenglish.co.uk/


Guest Post:

Ten things about me

By Audla English, award winning author of ‘The Last Village’

1. Origins:
I am from the glorious North East of England and very proud of it. I live in a little village in South Tyneside (Catherine Cookson’s hometown) which is not far from the coastline. I love nothing more than visiting the coast and taking in the fresh sea air and looking out at the never-ending sea.
2. Family: 
I am extremely family oriented, most of my family all live within a 2-mile radius! The inspiration for ‘The Last Village’ is my beloved late Gran.
3. Food:
I am a HUGE foodie and love all food. Whether its fine dining, pub grub or a good old Dickson’s Saveloy Dip out of the waxy paper- I devour them all!
4. Music:
I have a very eclectic musical taste and I can playtwo musical instruments. My favourite type of music is reggae and I also like to relax to jazz music with a glass of wine, it makes me feel a bit posh!
5. Books:
I am an avid reader and love to escape into a literary world. I like lots of different genres but especially romance. I also love libraries and the smell of the older books that can be loaned out. I actively support libraries which are such an important part of communities and I have donated copies of ‘The Last Village’ to several of the local libraries.
6. Boy:
My favourite book in the whole wide world is ‘Boy’ by Roald Dahl, I have read it so many times I can practically recite it. What I love most about it is the way that you can discover Roald Dahls mind and where his stories develop from.
7. Travel:
When I get the opportunity, I love to travel. I have been fortunate to have been able to travel to far off exotic places and most of the UK. I enjoy learning about new cultures and sampling their cuisines (see no. 3!) My favourite places are Hong Kong, Malta and the Lake District.
8. Animals:
I am a huge animal lover and often have various pets! Over the years these have included, hamsters, guinea pigs, goldfish and my incomparable dog.
9. Writing:
Writing is something I have always wanted to do. I remember creating little books when I was little as a great form of enjoyment and I am thankful that it is something which I continue to enjoy. Although I have a study, I rarely use it and prefer to write, rather unglamorously, with my laptop on a pillow propped up in an old chair!
10. The Last Village:
The final point is the bit about the book!
‘The Last Village’ is a moving love story set in the North East of England in a village which has long since been demolished. The story is dual timeline between the 1940’s and present day, telling the story of Lily, the Gran, who lived in the village and Anna, the Granddaughter, who discovers her Grandmother’s past.
The change in the area and the attitudes towards love can clearly be seen between the two different timelines, as well as some really nostalgic references.
Nevertheless, the novel also highlights how some aspects of love have not changed at all, even across three generations.


A Chill with a Book Premier Readers’ Award winner and 2019 American Fiction Awards Finalist, ‘The Last Village’ is available to purchase on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback format: Amazon UK

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