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I’m delighted to welcome you today to my stop on the blog tour for superb satirical novel QualityLand by Marc-Uwe Kling. Thank you to Tracy Fenton and Orion Books for giving me the opportunity to read and review this unique and hilarious book.

About the book:




We hope you enjoy your trip to the happiest, most advanced place on earth.

QualityLand is the world’s first 2.0 country, where everything is run by infallible algorithm, including:

– Society (in which everyone is ranked by level)
– Shopping (orders arrive before you even know you want them)
– Relationships (you will be notified instantly if there is a better match)

In fact, this very algorithm selected you to visit QualityLand. If you don’t like it, you’re not just ungrateful – you’re also wrong, because the algorithm is always right.

While you’re visiting, be aware there is an election going on – the perfect time to see QualityLand in action…


* * * * *

About the author:

Marc-Uwe Kling is a German author, songwriter, and stand-up comedian. Qualityland spent months on the German bestseller lists, has sold more than half a million copies to date internationally, and is currently in production as an HBO series. Kling lives in Berlin.

My Review:

QualityLand by German author Marc-Uwe Kling is a remarkable dystopian satire that once started I could not put down! Skilfully translated by Jamie Lee Searle, it is an hilarious but uncomfortable look at a future in which technology has taken over everything. The news is delivered tailor made to each person’s individual needs, people are sorted into levels with fluctuating ranks… and algorithms reign supreme.

In QualityLand an android is running for president for the first time ever, with his opponent being a mega rich reality star (like THAT could ever happen!). Everything you buy comes from TheShop (and I mean EVERYTHING), with no need to order as the algorithms already know what you want! Delivered by a drone that automatically takes an unboxing video, you then have to rate your delivery before the drone flies away.

This is a satirical sci-fi novel unlike anything I’ve ever read before – and I loved it! It’s the 1984 for a new generation, an uncomfortable look at a world that, even as hilarious and ridiculous as it sounds, isn’t actually as far fetched as it seems. Which is a scary realisation to have to come to!

With memorable characters, fake news, an upcoming election – and a pink vibrator shaped as a dolphin (yes, you did read that right!), hilarity ensues as Peter, who believes he’s received the vibrator in error, tries to track down the man who runs TheShop, Henryk Engineer.

Marc-Uwe Kling’s writing is outstanding, with a serious undertone to the hilarious satire that really does make you think. QualityLand is a unique, clever, hilarious and occasionally sad book that’s so relevant to the world we live in today. This is a book that took me by surprise at how good it was; the writing is ingenious and the story a chilling premonition (maybe?) of what could come to pass if we remain on the technological path we’re on at the moment. It’s so, so good!

I honestly can’t recommend this brilliant satire highly enough!

QualityLand by Marc-Uwe Kling is available to buy now: Amazon UK

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