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I’m pleased to welcome you today to my stop on the blog tour for Lesson of Love by Prue Phillipson, the beautiful and moving true story of the relationship between a mother and daughter in the face of a life changing illness. Thank you to Anne Cater and SilverWood Books for giving me the opportunity to read and review this powerful novella.

About the book:


Lesson of Love is a moving and candid story of a relationship between a mother and daughter in the face of life-changing illness.

Prue Phillipson’s first-person account is interspersed with diary excerpts and documents the difficult yet rewarding experi- ence of caring for a mother with dementia. This unflinchingly honest story details the various stages of the illness and how Prue coped whilst her mother changed, becoming ever more distant.

Prue found that her own faith was strengthened as a result of turning to God through the immensely powerful and comforting use of prayer.

This is an inspiring story that will encourage all readers to have faith in testing times.

About the author:


PRUE PHILLIPSON was born in 1928 in Newcas- tle upon Tyne into a Chris- tian family with one sister, Janet. Their mother intro- duced them to classic nineteenth century novels so they immersed themselves in history and good literature throughout their childhoods.

Prue’s diary, Lesson of Love, which documents her mother’s dementia is her first published book. Prue is now concentrating on writing novels and an e-publisher has published six of her novels online while two book publishers have accepted eight of them between them.

The years of caring for her mother were extremely fulfilling and ones that she will never forget.

My Review:

Lesson of Love by Prue Phillipson is the beautiful and moving story of the relationship between a mother and daughter in the face of a life changing illness. Told in first person and interspersed with diary excerpts, it is a short but powerful novella that documents the difficult yet rewarding experience of caring for someone with dementia.

I lost my mother-in-law to dementia, so I have firsthand experience of what it’s like to see someone you love slowly disappear before your eyes, which made this book an even more poignant and devastating read for me. Lesson of Love is a brutally honest account of the various stages of the illness and how Prue coped as her mother changed, becoming  more and more distant as the dementia progressed.

The author’s love for her mother shone through with every word, as did her unflinching faith as she found comfort in prayer and her belief in God. I’m not a religious person myself, but I often think how wonderful it must be to believe in something so strongly it helps you through even your most darkest of times. And for Prue, her belief in God was (and is) a huge source of comfort to her, becoming even stronger as her mother’s illness began to steal her away piece by piece. Prue’s faith in God gave her the ability to cope at a time when she needed it the most, enabling her to be there for her mother as she drew ever closer towards the end of her life.

Although the subject matter makes this book a difficult read at times, Lesson of Love is far from all doom and gloom. It’s a beautiful and moving story that captures the love of the carer for her mother, combining humour, tragedy and an unwavering faith in God as the narrative moves forward towards its inevitable conclusion.

A little book with a big heart, Prue Phillipson has written a powerful true life account of caring for someone you love with dementia. Lesson of Love may not be for everyone, but I found it to be a fulfilling and thought provoking read that will stay with me.

Lesson of Love by Prue Phillipson is available to purchase now: Amazon UK

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