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For my stop on the blog tour for Make Yourself at Home by Ciara Geraghty I’m thrilled to share an extract with you today. Thank you as always to Anne Cater and to the publisher for giving me the opportunity to take part in the blog tour for this fabulous sounding book.

About the book:

It’s the last place she wants to be. It’s the only place left to go

Marianne left home when she was fifteen following a family tragedy, one that changed all their lives.

She never planned to return. But when her carefully controlled life falls apart, she has no choice but to return to Ancaire, the ramshackle house overlooking the Irish Sea, where her mother, Rita, a flamboyant artist and recovering alcoholic still lives.

As her mother invites her to pull up a chair and make herself at home, alongside the friends, family and neighbours who wander its rooms. Marianne discovers that sometimes home isn’t a house, it’s a place in your heart.

Set on the wild Irish coast, with an unforgettable cast of characters, this deeply emotional novel is full of Ciara Geraghty’s trademark heart and poignancy.

‘Hugely entertaining…an instantly engaging read, what you might get if you mixed Jojo Moyes with Marian Keyes’ Sunday Independent
‘A fabulous read…you’re immediately immersed’ Sheila O’Flanagan, bestselling author of The Women Who Ran Away

About the author:

Ciara Geraghty was born and raised in Dublin. She started writing in her thirties and hasn’t looked back.

She has three children and one husband and they have recently adopted a dog who, alongside their youngest daughter, is in charge of pretty much everything.


Make Yourself at Home

by Ciara Geraghty

Optimistic people might say that the good thing about hitting rock bottom is that there is nowhere to go but up. Marianne Cross was not one of those people. 

Marianne, an accountant in both profession and nature, was a numbers person. 

You knew where you were with numbers. 

Take the number 435821, for instance. That was the number of the District Court case. 

Another number was 84: the number of times Marianne had shoplifted. 

Then there was the number of times Marianne had got caught shoplifting: 1. The age Marianne was when she began her shoplifting career: 13. A prime number. Then there was 35. A composite number and the age Marianne was when she married Brian. 

The number of years Marianne had managed to remain married: 4. The number of children Marianne wanted: 0. 

Which, incidentally, was the same number of children Brian had said he wanted, too. 

The number of children Brian was now expecting with his new partner, Helen: 2. 

These and other numbers scrolled through Marianne’s head that morning when she arrived back at her child- hood home. 

The circulation figure of the national newspaper where Marianne’s crime had been reported in the ‘Court News’ column: 79,254. The times Marianne’s boss apolo- gised during her ‘You’re fired’ speech: 8. The amount of euros by which Marianne was in arrears when the bank repossessed her home: 150,000. 

Marianne opened the passenger door and stepped out of her mother’s ancient Jeep. She straightened, looked at the house. Another number came to mind. This one was 15. Her age when she had left this place. 

She had resolved never to come back and yet here she was. 

That’s what rock bottom really meant. No place else to go. 

End of extract

Make Yourself at Home by Ciara Geraghty is available to purchase now:

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