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I’m pleased to welcome author JJ Marsh to my blog today as part of the blog tour for her new book Wolf Tones. Thank you to Anne Cater and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to share this guest post with you today.

About the book:

You escaped the past. Here comes the present.

Fifteen years ago, Rolf was destined for the gutter.

His luck has changed. Now a cellist with the Salzburg City Orchestra, he has his dream job and dizzying prospects.

All because of her.

Smart, sexy, well connected and crazy about him, Leonor is his fantasy woman. She made him and he’ll never forget it.

Neither will she.

She chooses Rolf’s diet, his friends, his decisions and career path. She knows best. When does a champion turn controller?

While he submits to domination at home, he struggles at work. The maestro is determined to break down and rebuild his new cellist. Clash after clash shatter Rolf’s confidence until he doubts everything about himself.

Then a rumour reaches his ear. Has he misjudged his new friends? Is something more sinister pulling the orchestra’s strings?

Regardless of the drama behind the scenes, the show must go on. It’s the only way to escape his past.

A classic artist, Rolf presents the best side of himself, hiding the pain of imperfection. A strategy with devastating results.

About the author:

JJ Marsh 

As an English teacher, actor, director and cultural trainer, I’ve lived and worked all over Europe. Now I’m a full-time author, publisher and audiobook narrator.

My crime novels in the Beatrice Stubbs Series have become international bestsellers.

Psychological dramas Odd Numbers (shortlisted for the 2021 Bookbrunch Selfies Prize) and Wolf Tones dig deep into the world of emotional dependence.

The Run and Hide Thrillers chase a hunted woman around the world. 

I live in Switzerland with my husband and dog, taking advantage of the landscape, languages, Prosecco and cheese.

Website: www.jjmarshauthor.com

Twitter: @JJMarsh1

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jjmarshauthor

Guest Post:

Ten (Random) Things about Me – JJ (Jill) Marsh

1. My degree was in English Literature and Drama, but the most impressive thing I learnt at university was how to eat fire.

2. JJ Marsh was a pseudonym created for a project with my sister, Julie. When I started writing crime, I kept the name a) as a nod to Ngaio Marsh and b) because my real name sounds like I write rabbit romances in Cornwall.

3. The view from my study is of a Swiss graveyard. The German word for graveyard is Friedhof or ‘peace yard’. It is serenely peaceful.

4. My first crime novel, published 2012, took me three years to write. Since then I have written eleven more in the series, three standalones and completed twointernational thrillers. All those books sit above my desk so every time I wobble and think, ‘I can’t do this’, I look up and see evidence to the contrary.

5. Key features of the Beatrice Stubbs books areEuropean food and wine. Let me assure you, all werethoroughly researched.

6. The writing world is filled with kindness, mutual support and generosity. Some say Twitter can be a vicious cesspit. Not if you’re a writer. For me, it’s a daily tonic.

7. Creating a novel is difficult but narrating my book was ten times harder. What kind of idiot writes words she can’t even pronounce? 

8. Wolf Tones is the toughest story I’ve written. I still don’t know what possessed me to set the story of an abusive relationship against the backdrop of a classical orchestra, but I’m glad I did. Studying music, orchestral hierarchy and the cello taught me an enormous amount. About 5% of which went into the book.

9. The second area which required extreme delicacy was coercive control. There I had to dig into disturbing accounts of bullying, abuse and patterns of narcissistic behaviour. Thankfully, my sister works in exactly that field and could advise. That is why the book is dedicated to her and her colleagues.

10. My admiration for the cello is limitless. Its haunting tones echo the emotions of a human voice. Never in my life could I imagine playing such an instrument. Still, how many cellists can eat fire?

Thank you so much to Jill for stopping by my blog today. It’s been a real pleasure to have you here!

Wolf Tones is available to purchase now:

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