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I’m thrilled to welcome you today to my stop on the blog tour for atmospheric tale The White Hare by Jane Johnson. Thank you to Anne Cater and Head of Zeus for giving me the opportunity to read and review this wonderful book.

About the book:

The White Hare is a novel about Edens lost, found and remade; about displaced souls, betrayal and secrets; for those who seek a little magic in their lives.

In the far west of Cornwall lies a valley that cuts deeply through bluebell woods down to the sea at White Cove. The house above the beach has lain neglected since the war. It comes with a reputation and a strange atmosphere, which is why Magdalena and Mila manage to acquire it so cheaply in the fateful summer of 1954.

Magda has grand plans for the place: to restore it to its former glory as the venue for glittering parties, where the rich and celebrated gathered for cocktails and for bracing walks along the coast. Her daughter Mila just wants to escape the scandal in her past and make a safe and happy home for her little girl, Janey, a solitary, precocious child blessed with a vivid imagination, much of which she pours into her plush toy, Rabbit.

The White Valley comes with a long, eventful and often bloody history, laced with tall tales and local legends. Locals say that a white hare may be seen running through the woods there. Some say it is a phantasm, or superstitious nonsense; others say the hare is as real as you or me. It may be a sign of ill omen; or a blessing. Feeling fragile and broken-hearted, cast out of her old life, Mila is in great need of a new start and all the luck she can get.

About the author:

Jane Johnson is a British novelist and publisher. She is the UK editor for George R.R. Martin, Robin Hobb and Dean Koontz and was for many years publisher of the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Married to a Berber chef she met while researching The Tenth Gift, she lives in Mousehole, Cornwall, and Morocco.

My Review:

The White Hare by Jane Johnson is a gorgeously written and atmospheric tale that swept me up and carried me away on a mystical sea of mystery and suspense. A beautifully told story, it takes full advantage of its atmospheric Cornish setting, bringing its beauty and isolation vividly to life

It’s 1954 and, in an attempt to escape the scandal of her past, Mila, her five year old daughter Janey and her Polish mother, Magdalena, purchase a crumbling old house that overlooks White Cove, hoping to turn it into a luxurious guest house. Neglected since the war, the house comes with a reputation and a strange atmosphere, which Mila can feel from the moment she arrives. Is it possible that the old house will be able to help Mila and Janey find the happiness they crave, or are the local people right and all the house has to offer is nothing more than ill omens and heartache?

The White Hare is a mystical tale steeped in history, superstition and local folklore. Is the large white hare they encountered as they arrived the portent of doom local legend would have them believe, or will it turn out to be the blessing Mila is hoping for as she tries to escape the the trauma of her past? The intrigue and suspense slowly builds as long hidden secrets begin to emerge, crackling with a spooky undertone that made me shiver.

The White Hare is a gorgeously written and deliciously atmospheric read, with a deeply mystical element to it that captured my imagination from the very first page. Jane Johnson’s writing is superb and I couldn’t help but fall in love with the beautiful setting, lyrical prose and larger than life characters, especially Mila’s daughter Janey who became a particular highlight for me as the story continued.

A rich and atmospheric historical tale with an added mystical element that I loved, The White Hare is a book that I would highly recommend.

I loved it!

The White Hare by Jane Johnson is available to purchase now:

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