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I’m pleased to welcome you today to my stop on the blog tour for excellent psychological thriller The Lodger by Valerie Keogh. Thank you to Rachel Gilbey and Boldwood Books for giving me the opportunity to read and review this fabulous book.

About the book:

She’s in your home…

Leigh Simons can’t say for sure what made her do it. A moment of madness, perhaps, but when the
young, loud and gorgeous waitress at her favorite coffee shop reveals she is homeless, Leigh offers
her the empty room in her house.

In your head…

Gina is the perfect lodger; Leigh, lonely and frustrated with her life, becomes infatuated with the woman – her boldness, her zeal. If only Leigh could be more like Gina…

And missing without trace.

So when Leigh returns from a work trip she’s shocked to find Gina missing. Where could the young woman have gone…and why?

Leigh fears that something terrible has happened – why else would Gina leave her?

But as she sets out to find her missing lodger, what Leigh discovers changes everything she knows about Gina….and her own life, too.

Purchase Link – https://amzn.to/3aPOkOg

About the author:

Valerie Keogh is the internationally bestselling author of several psychological thrillers and crime
series, most recently published by Bloodhound. She originally comes from Dublin but now livesin
Wiltshire and worked as a nurse for many years.

The Lodger is her first thriller for Boldwood and will be published in August 2022.

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My Review:

The Lodger by Valerie Keogh is a suspense filled psychological thriller with plenty of twists and turns to keep you on your toes throughout.

An atmospheric and chilling tale, I found myself drawn into the story from the very first page as we’re introduced to Leigh several years after the events of the book have unfolded. It’s obvious that something awful must have happened, but what that is we are yet to find out…

We’re then taken back to the very beginning as, in a moment of madness, Leigh invites young, loud and gorgeous waitress Gina to move into the empty spare room of her home after she finds herself homeless. Soon becoming infatuated with her perfect lodger, Leigh wishes she was more like the outgoing Gina. And then Gina goes missing.

What follows is a dark and at times shocking psychological thriller that builds the tension slowly. As Leigh sets out to find the missing Gina, she begins to uncover far more than she could ever have expected to, leading to a chilling discovery that is about to change her life forever…

I loved The Lodger. A book that keeps you guessing, Valerie Keogh’s writing is exceptional as she brings this dark and chilling tale to life, with some genuinely shocking moments that I did not see coming.

An excellent and twisty psychological thriller that I thoroughly enjoyed from beginning to end, The Lodger is a book I would highly recommend.

The Lodger by Valerie Keogh is available to purchase now.

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