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I’m pleased to welcome you today to my stop on the blog tour for Different, Not Less, an empowering neurodivergent’s guide to embracing your true self, written by Netflix’s Heartbreak High star and disability advocate, Chloé Hayden. Thank you to Anne Cater and Murdoch Books for giving me the opportunity to read and review this thought provoking and insightful book.

About the book:

An empowering guide to celebrating and supporting neurodivergence from Netflix’s Heartbreak High star and disability advocate, Chloé Hayden.

Growing up, Chloé Hayden felt like she’d crash-landed on an alien planet where nothing made sense. Eye contact? Small talk? And why are you people so touch- oriented? None of it made sense.

Chloé desperately wished to be part of the fairytales she so dearly loved. A world in which the lead is considered a hero because of their differences, rather than excluded and pushed aside for them.

She moved between 10 schools in 8 years, struggling to become a person she believed society would accept. After years of being ‘weird, quirky, Chloé’ she was eventually diagnosed with autism and ADHD. It was only after a life-changing group of allies showed her that different did not mean less that she learned to celebrate her true voice and find her happily ever after.

Different, Not Less is a moving, at times funny story of how it feels to be neurodivergent as well as a practical guide, with insights on how autism and ADHD present differently in females, advice for living with meltdowns and shutdowns, tips for finding supportive relationships, communities and workplaces and much more.

Whether you’re neurodivergent or supporting those who are, Different, Not Less will inspire you to create a more inclusive world where everyone feels like they belong.

“What’s unusual here is that this book was written by a neurodivergent disabled person—not by someone who has studied these topics from a distance, but by someone who lives them.”

About the author:

Chloé Hayden is an award-winning actor and disability advocate, motivational speaker and social media influencer. Whose story of being ‘different, not less’ has attracted a worldwide following. She is currently appearing in Heartbreak High, the Netflix remake of the iconic Australian series.

My Review:

Different, Not Less by Chloé Hayden is a book that gives a fascinating insight into what it’s like to grow up as someone who is neurodivergent. It’s a moving, often funny story of how it feels to be seen as ‘different’, struggling to be accepted for the person you are. An empowering and practical guide that celebrates and supports neurodivergence, what sets Different, Not Less apart from other books about living with a disability is the fact that it’s written by someone who not only knows everything there is to know about it but is also neurodivergent herself.

Beautifully written and insightful, Different, Not Less is a book for anyone who is struggling to find their place in the world, who feel as though they don’t fit in with what society expects from them. It is a book that will inspire you to help make the world a more inclusive place, where everyone can feel as though they belong.

As the parent of a young adult with a disability, this book spoke to me on a personal level and made me feel a little bit more hopeful about what the future could look like for my daughter. Different, Not Less is a remarkable read, made all the more powerful by the fact it is written by Chloé Hayden, someone who is fully embracing her true self, which is something I’m sure we’d all like to achieve at some point in our lives.

Different, Not Less is a thought provoking and empowering read that I would recommend. I loved it!

Different, Not Less by Chloé Hayden is available to purchase now: 

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